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“Jewelry” – the A to Z Challenge


Do you wear jewelry on the boat? Ever given the question a thought?

Way back in one of my former lives, I was an aircraft mechanic. Mechanics don’t wear jewelry on the job, particularly rings, because of the chance they might snag on something while working. This can result in anything from inconvenience to the loss of a finger or arm, so the subject is taken pretty seriously.  I’ve spent 30 years trying to forget the pictures they showed us to drive home the message…

But a boat? What’s the big deal, right?  Well now, let’s look at that.

First, there’s the injury issue. Let’s say you’re moving up the foredeck in preparation for dropping sail, and just as you reach the mast, the boat takes a funny roll, and pitches you toward the rail. With your lightning fast reflexes you grab for the mast, and almost get it… But your wedding band snags on some piece of protruding hardware , so it’s now attached to the mast while your body heads overboard. Naturally you’re snapped into the jackline, so you don’t go completely over, but your ring – and your finger – are still at the mast. Ouch.

Yes, it’s happened.

And then there’s the temptation factor. Much of the allure of cruising, for us at least, is visiting simpler, more relaxed and – frequently – much poorer places than the good old first-world. Wearing fancy, shiny jewelry can be an invitation for an encounter you’d rather not have.

So Nicki made the suggestion a little while ago that we re-consider the regular wearing of our wedding rings. Logical, practical suggestion – and my heart says “Hell NO!”

See, my wedding band means something to me. It means a LOT to me, actually. I know some men don’t wear them, and in some cultures men don’t wear them, period. But that’s not me. I worked hard to earn the right to wear it, and I want to do so.

I also see her point, however. I like my fingers, too. And I like hers – right where they are.

We still haven’t made the final decision on that question, but I can see the way we’re leaning.

Don’t know what I’ll do without my ring, though.I’ll have to beat the women off with a stick if they think I’m single.

I guess I’d better stick close to my wife – she’ll protect me.



Author: s/v sionna

Living the dream in 32'. We left Maine on August 18th, 2016, and have gradually worked our way south until we felt warm enough. After spending the summer in Maine, working to replenish the cruising kitty, we’re back on the boat, with plans to visit the Bahamas later in the winter. Follow our blog here, and follow our progress in map form by joining www.Farkwar.com!

10 thoughts on ““Jewelry” – the A to Z Challenge

  1. Matt has never worn a wedding ring, and I don’t wear mine anymore (after an unfortunate incident where an inherited pearl chain broke, and the pearls went everywhere, including down the drain – and then there’s the losing the finger problem!) There are various silicon wedding bands available for those who feel naked without the rings, or get tired of constantly pushing back the hoards of hopefuls!


  2. We’ve had the same conversation, with Jaye being willing to do without the ring and Dan wanting to keep his (which, to be fair, would have to be cut off his finger now after 30+ years). We’re considering having rings tattooed on.


  3. We plan to get silicone wedding rings. They are cheap, disposable, and they will not cut your finger off. They also do not tempt thieves. Our rings mean a lot to us too but I am likely to leave them in a box at the bank along with all my other jewelry. I can’t think of anyplace I’m going to be wearing fancy jewelry.


  4. We wears wedding bands but take them off when working on boat jobs or sailing. I like the idea of silcon rings. We also know a few people who have tattoed them on. I’m a big of fan of tattoes and have several myself , but my concern with that is the ink tends to spread a little on bony bits and can look a little fuzzy. Good luck in making your decision!



  5. Fortunately, neither of us wears wedding rings or other kinds, so we it isn’t a decision point for us. I don’t actually wear any jewelry these days, so I also don’t have to worry about anyone stealing my pretty, sparkly things.

    Cheers – Ellen


  6. I’m happy to hear comments and feedback on this point. My wedding ring is very precious to me too, and I’d like to keep it and my finger safe. But I hadn’t thought much about the appearing single aspect of it. 👀


  7. Having never worn a wedding ring in 24 years of marriage, I have to say that I never really thought about appearing single. The only time I did think about it was when I was traveling and living in Africa, but that was back when I was younger and before I was married. At that time, I thought wearing a fake ring might have been a useful thing to do.


    • Perhaps it’s a question of whether you take your symbology straight, or chase it with rum? Of course the ring doesn’t change anything relating to the relationship or the commitment – but somehow that symbol has an emotional value for me that I’m loath to abandon.


  8. I like some of the suggestions above.. the tattoo, the silicon rings, even knotted string rings would be a decent idea. You can always put your jewelry in a safety deposit box on the mainland to prevent theft too.


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