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Pursuing the cruising dream in 32' of sailing ketch

“Obstacles” – A to Z Challenge


So why aren’t you living on a boat and seeing the world?

Ok, maybe that’s not your dream.  That’s ok; if everyone was looking to live aboard and cruise the world, it’d get awfully crowded out there, and what fun would that be?


But assuming you HAVE a dream of what your ideal life would be (or at least a better life than you have now), what’s stopping you from living it?  What’s the gate you’re hoping someone will leave open?

There are many possibilities, of course.  Right off hand I can think of several: Money, job, money, children, grand children, money, health, money, aging parents…  You get the idea.  And guess which one has been the biggest issue for me?  If you guessed “money”, give yourself a gold star!

But there are ways to make it work, which largely seem to come down to deciding it’s actually something you’re going to DO, rather than something you’re only going to dream about doing.   It’s amazing to me how many folks like to say “someday I’ll…”, without any intention of actually making “someday” happen.
But worse are the ones who dismiss our decision to sacrifice pretty much every shred of classic “stability” to follow our dream with “Must be nice!” – as if we had a rich uncle who’s sending us off on our little adventure and it isn’t costing us a thing.

Yeah right.

So yes, there are obstacles. You can call them reasons or excuses; the difference is your attitude, not the obstacle itself.  If you want to live on a boat or climb a mountain or walk the Camino, make up your mind to do that, and then start picking away at the obstacles that present themselves as you move toward your goal. But start doing it now.


You know how to eat an elephant, right?

One bite at a time.


Author: s/v sionna

Living the dream in 32'. We left Maine on August 18th, 2016, and have gradually worked our way south until we felt warm enough. After spending the summer in Maine, working to replenish the cruising kitty, we’re back on the boat, with plans to visit the Bahamas later in the winter. Follow our blog here, and follow our progress in map form by joining www.Farkwar.com!

12 thoughts on ““Obstacles” – A to Z Challenge

  1. Great quote/poster from The Boat Galley. Making your dreams come true is definitely a DIY project.

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  2. I want to walk the Camino! And promised myself I was going to do it for my 50th birthday. I still have a couple of years, so my two biggest obstacles are money and miles — it’s going to take a lot of training to get ready for the challenge and finding the time to build up my daily miles is difficult because the boat takes so much of my focus and energy. I may not get there in my 50th year of life, but I’m definitely going to get there!

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  3. I could only wish I had a rich uncle. Or aunt. Or anyone. Many people I talk to don’t have any plan for the future. The live their lives by default. Life happens to them, rather than them taking life on and actually doing stuff with the time. If they are satisfied with that, then cool. But it’s amazing how many seem to wonder how we even thought of this plan we have. Actually, sometimes I wonder that as well.


  4. Oh and I meant to comment on walking the Camino. There are many ways to do a pilgrimage. Sometimes I think this trip we are going to do is mine.


  5. Wonderful advice! My biggest dream is just to write… no expectations attached to it. And that is precisely what I am doing 🙂 I have other dreams, like moving to Coastal Maine and visiting India, but so long as I am writing, I am fairly content if neither of those two come to fruition.


  6. We often get the “must be nice” or “you are so lucky” with the idea that something magical happened to us to be able to travel as much as we do. The fact is, many of us did plan ahead and gave up things over many years to be able to retire early for instance. Setting up small goals and moving forwards year after year, staying disciplined and letting the compounding do the work. I wish i could tell those people that their daily lattes and cable tv is what will keep them from their dreams, but i know that this would never go over well. Most people cannot believe that we travel for less than staying at home. Also most people would not want to live like us…..in an old van travelling through central america on the cheap as people need new things, air conditioning, cell plans and their lattes. Everyone has the ability to follow their dreams but few actually can achieve them until their mid sixties…if they make it that far…

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  7. Thanks Raven! Nice to here multiple perspectives. Maybe it just comes down to comfort zones? It’s easy to stay with “safe & known but boring”, hard to embrace adventure and the uncertain. Worth it though, we’ve found…


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