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“Vive La Vie!” – the A to Z Challenge


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Long Live Life!”

Which on the face of it doesn’t really make sense. It doesn’t translate perfectly into English which – sadly – is my only language set.

But it does convey a concept, a feeling, an attitude.  And that’s the point of today’s challenge post.  Whether you translate it as “Here’s to life!” or “L’Chaim!” (the Yiddish toast “To Life!”), the emotional meaning is clear – Life is good, and here’s to more of the same.


But what if life ISN’T good in your corner of the universe?  What if your dog done up and died and your truck won’t start and your rent ain’t paid and the boss kicked your butt down the hall in front of everybody, and you just can’t take it no more?

What do you do then?



Well then maybe it’s time to change your thinking.  Maybe things don’t actually have to be like that. Maybe – just maybe – you have some say in the matter.

And for me, that’s where “Here’s to life” and “Joy in Life” and “L’Chaim” enter the picture.  I honestly believe that we create the world we live in by our belief in it, and that we can – with effort and intention – change the course of our lives.  Some folks go for the lottery ticket, but me, I prefer something a little more sure.

So yeah, I’ve been known to “Put on a happy face” when things are tough.  Sometimes it takes an awful lot of energy to do that.  Sometimes I just can’t even.  But I know from 50 years of experience that when I start seeing  the bad stuff as “normal” and dwelling on all that’s wrong, more bad stuff seems to be attracted to me.

Life is good
Yes, I’m perennially short of funds, and no, I don’t have a magic mailbox and a trust fund from a rich uncle that’s bankrolling our change from land-based to cruising.  We’ve busted our butts and sold everything we can and even raided our retirement accounts to make this dream come alive, because we BELIEVE that life is too precious to suck.

Is it really just attitude? Is it really that easy?

Think about someone you know who always has a complaint. Are they happy? Do they ever sit back on a GOOD day and really, honestly enjoy that moment? Or are they constantly waiting for the next sucky day, the next insult, the next bad hair day…

I’m not going to live that way.


The crew – Nicki & Keith

Vive La Vie!



Author: s/v sionna

Living the dream in 32'. We left Maine on August 18th, 2016, and have gradually worked our way south until we felt warm enough. After spending the summer in Maine, working to replenish the cruising kitty, we’re back on the boat, with plans to visit the Bahamas later in the winter. Follow our blog here, and follow our progress in map form by joining www.Farkwar.com!

12 thoughts on ““Vive La Vie!” – the A to Z Challenge

  1. Bold post, Nicky, yet so very true. I envy you for being able to put a happy hat on in situations that suck. I truly wish I could be better at that, and it annoys me, having experienced lots of sadness and loss, that I sometimes still get upset with the little things. Good thing is, though, that I do enjoy the little things in life as well and I am a very appreciative of beautiful moments and surroundings. We do get “in a mood” sometimes, but the trick is to jump right out of it and change the things you are unhappy about. Taking action and leading life the way you want to is the way to go, for sure!!!

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

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  2. Always a good skill to have, looking at the silver lining in things. Sure, lots of things suck. But i agree that when you overly focus on the suckiness of things, it doesn’t make them better and certainly attracts other sucky things. Melissa from http://littlecunningplan.com/2016/04/v-is-for-vladimir-putin-and-various-other-madmen/

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  3. Oh goodness, I didn’t realize it was you, Nicki, writing these posts. For some reason, I thought it was Keith. Apologies for all the times I leave comments for Keith and not you.

    Anyway, it’s a great philosophy and even better photo of you two by the sail.

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    • Well, I’m not sure where this started, maybe Liesbet’s comment above? But no, this is Keith, and so far I’ve written all the blogs. The opinions expressed are strictly those of the author – though in most Nicki is in at least general agreement, I think!


      • I guess it is me owing an apology. Sorry, Keith. For some reason I was stereotyping, since most of the other sailing blogs I read seem to be written by the female half of the crew. Now, I (we all) know! And, no more generalizations. 🙂

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      • Hey no worries! I’m encouraging her to take a turn now and then, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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  4. I love your attitude! Such a healthy outlook on life. I prefer to look on the bright side because I have lived in the dark cave before. Much healthier being in the light 🙂

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  5. Couldn’t agree more! Happiness is what you make of it. So is unhappiness. We choose to look at obstacles as a challenge. And we choose to laugh. We still have to face challenges, but we can have fun doing it.


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