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Cruising and Social Media – shall we, or shan’t we?


“You’re going to be posting your trip on Facebook, right?

Well, maybe…  And maybe not.

So far, I’ve been responding to that question with a “probably”:  Kind of a definite maybe.  I’ve had a personal Facebook page for several years now, and I’ve experienced the good stuff that comes with the medium: Connecting with old friends and classmates, finding interesting groups and businesses, etc.   There are some great resources and social aspects too, and I’ve enjoyed them.

But there are some serious drawbacks, as well.  There is no better waster of time – and therefore life – than “just checking” Facebook.  It’s as addictive as heroin (hence the nickname “Crackbook”) and as easy going down as a rum punch after a hot day.

Don’t think it’s addictive? Well perhaps it’s not for everyone, but I’ve found myself unable to walk by the computer desk without “peeking” more times than I can count, even when I’d made a solemn promise to myself that I wouldn’t ‘Book until after 5pm…
If that isn’t addictive behavior, I’ll eat my metaphorical hat.

So now I’m thinking we probably won’t have a page for the trip, and the reason ties directly into the very motivation for this upcoming lifestyle change.  Time.

We’re going cruising because we want to simplify, slow down, and really experience each moment of the life we’re living. We want to actually BE THERE as participants, not witness it as observers or reporters. Facebook sucks time like a black hole sucks galaxies, and I’m not willing to spend my limited time in this life that way. This blog will be bad enough.

And then there are the trolls.
Call me a sensitive new-aged guy, but the constant stream of political idiocy, racist and sexist vitriol and outright vicious attacks that Facebook is so justly famous for just tear my heart apart. I try not to read it, I unfriend people who spout it, and yet I keep getting hit with it. Privacy settings notwithstanding, it finds me. And it hurts.

So no, we won’t have a Facebook Page for the cruise to Where the Butter Melts. Interested folks will have to find us here or – better yet – go make their own, real live adventures. Or both.

But I hope you’re not planning to follow us instead of taking the leap yourself. That would be most unfortunate.


Get out there. Live. Love. Be.

Author: s/v sionna

Living the dream in 32'. We left Maine on August 18th, 2016, and have gradually worked our way south until we felt warm enough. After spending the summer in Maine, working to replenish the cruising kitty, and rehabilitating an old house. we’re headed back on the boat, bringing Sionna back home to northern waters. Follow our blog here!

3 thoughts on “Cruising and Social Media – shall we, or shan’t we?

  1. And, don’t forget… trying to access Facebook (to post and to browse) can be quite frustrating in many parts of our watery world. Not worth the headache and time, when other – real life – priorities beckon. Plus, Facebook really really chews through your data. I was only “allowed” to get on when we had WiFi on the boat.

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  2. I think you’ve got the right approach – make adventuring your priority and documenting it secondary. We’ll just have to track you down on the water to find out what you’ve been up to 🙂

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  3. Good decision. I’ve never had a problem with trolling on the boat’s page but keeping it updated takes time and energy that’s better spent on the here and now. Even documenting the simplest of moments steals precious time and data.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA


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