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Pursuing the cruising dream in 32' of sailing ketch

Real? Really?


Since we left the boat and returned to Maine, many, many people have said something similar to “Welcome back to the real world”. I realize now that I can’t agree…. 

Real world? I don’t think so.
I think what most people call the “real world” is in fact a cultural construct designed to strangle the spirit and drown the soul in despair, all while distracting the ego with the meaningless candy of consumerism.
The REAL real world is sunrise and moonset, rain and wind, sand bars and sunshine and light so pure it brings tears to your eyes and a song to your lips and you can hardly breathe for the beauty of it.
That’s what I learned from 9 months on a boat.

Author: s/v sionna

Living the dream in 32'. We left Maine on August 18th, 2016, and have gradually worked our way south until we felt warm enough. After spending the summer in Maine, working to replenish the cruising kitty, and rehabilitating an old house. we’re headed back on the boat, bringing Sionna back home to northern waters. Follow our blog here!

7 thoughts on “Real? Really?

  1. I agree that the consensus of real life is somewhat of an euphemism. But, I think land life is what one makes of it. Some people dream to own a Rolex. If that is what makes them happy then more power to them. Different strokes and all that. The same pleasures you identify as the real world don’t necessarily have to belong to a cruising lifestyle or life on a boat. They can be obtained by adopting an attitude to embrace nature.

    sv Cream Puff


    • They can be, certainly. But how often ARE they? That’s the question. Amidst the hustle and scream of modern land-life, who can hear that call?


  2. At our little boat yard we ate launch driver who frequently discusses this topic. He often quotes Sterling Hayden which is… roughly… “what we cannot afford is to not go.”

    Cruising life is as real as anything else and I never make an apology for the time I spent under sail. I will be looking for your Tanzer this summer.


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  3. In a lot of ways, the Matrix is a horrible place. It does irritate me the way they attach the word ‘responsibility’ to the ‘real world’ as well. It’s as if battling traffic, waking with an alarm, and organizing your life according to the arrangement of ones and zeroes in some computer locked up in some bank vault somewhere trump reality. Screw their “Real World.”


    • Colorfully put! And I (Keith) agree. And your reference to “The Matrix” has me curious. Of course I’ve heard the term, but having no television in my life for many years, I haven’t got a handle on it’s meaning. I’ll do some research!


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