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An update or two


Less witty than usual, this post is just a bit of housekeeping for you.  

I just noticed that the blog had no “Archive” section on the home page, making it really difficult to go back and find an older post. I noticed that because as I was watching the sun rise across the cabin port this morning and sipping my tea (now sadly depleted), I found myself wondering where we were one year ago? 

Partly that’s because it’s damn cool this morning – 56 degrees with a 10 knot breeze feels COLD when you’d gotten used to 70’s & 80’s. 

I know, I get no sympathy from those of you in the northern states: First world problems…

So I’ve added an “Archive” section to the blog.  That means that if you want to know what the crew of Sionna was doing in -say – October of 2016 (Hint: it involved lasers and eye patches and gooey pastries!) you can now easily check it out! Cool.

Thanks for coming along, ya’ll!


Author: s/v sionna

Living the dream in 32'. We left Maine on August 18th, 2016, and have gradually worked our way south until we felt warm enough. We've paused in Boot Key Harbor, and are now exploring the Keys until we leave the boat and return to Maine for a summer of employment. Follow our blog here, and follow our progress in map form by joining www.Farkwar.com!

11 thoughts on “An update or two

  1. Up here it’s the Foggy Bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And 60mph winds this morning!

    That’s a simply wonderful photo of you two!


  3. We’re in southern California with low cloud cover and cool wind! And this after record breaking heat. What a weird world. But you are back on the boat! Excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are, and very much appreciating it. Following your adventures too, though the gremlin won’t let me comment on your posts. We’re with you in spirit and loving your writing. Keep em coming!


  4. I can relate to being freezing – I’ve got two pairs of socks, long pants and a sweatshirt on.

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  5. We ran the heater yesterday morning. Smelled horribly of scorched dust. Which in its own way was a good thing, as it was that long since the last time we were cold aboard. Welcome back to real life!


  6. LOVE that photo of the two of you! Mail should arrive today, according to the P.O.
    xoxo Kath & George

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