'Til the butter melts

Pursuing the cruising dream in 32' of sailing ketch

“…it’s five-year mission…”


There are days that feel like those opening words from the original “Star Trek” series, full of drama and promise of high adventure. And there are also days – way too many days recently – that feel more like “The Munsters”. Or maybe “The Simpsons”.

At least I think that’s what they feel like. In truth I have almost no knowledge of the last two – I’d given up TV entirely by the time I became aware they existed – but I watched a LOT of Star Trek, back in the day.

But to put it all into current context, Nicki and I are getting ready to return to the boat! Airline tickets have been purchased, phone calls have been made, and thoughts of packing, house rentals/sitters have been considered, etc. We’ve been telling people for the last month that we planned to head south “mid-January”, so to make that official, I booked us two seats on Southwest Airlines (one of the last airlines that lets you travel with a checked bag without charging you a fortune-plus-your-first-born for the privilege).

And we found this darling little table in a local antique shop, exactly the right size for our very small house.

Things are shaping up!

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