'Til the butter melts

Pursuing the cruising dream in 32' of sailing ketch

The Crew

Keith and Nicki are, to all appearances, pretty normal people.  Except that we’ve got this dream to get on a sailboat and head south until the climate is warm enough to require refrigeration if we want the butter to stay a solid.

So we’ve sold a house and a van and closed a business and saved up some money, and bought a boat named Sionna, which we’re fine-tuning to what we think is an ideal floating home – all in 32 feet.  50ish (well, Nicki’s not quite), we’ve had a number of careers and interests, and both have decided that the time to do “what you always wanted to do” is, in fact, now. We’re at that age when friends start leaving us when you least expect it – and we’re not waiting for “someday” anymore.